Physiotherapy in London, Ontario

Our physiotherapists London, Ontario, treat primarily musculoskeletal disorders, or orthopaedic conditions that may have resulted from a sports/work/ motor vehicle injury.  They are extensively trained in physical movement disorders of the body, and following a comprehensive history and physical examination, will provide a therapy plan to help patients recover more quickly by increasing their range of motion, strength and flexibility in the affected area(s). At Alevia Health and Wellness Centre in London, we treat a wide range of physical complaints from sports injuries of the ankles/knees/hips, to repetitive motion or overuse injuries such as rotator cuff and carpal tunnel syndromes.

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Registered Massage Therapy in London

At Alevia Health and Wellness Centre in London, our registered massage therapist uses firm but gentle pressure to manipulate tissues and works at different tissue depths based on your body’s needs and tolerance. Massaging an area of an injury or chronic pain/dysfunction may cause some discomfort at first, but this usually lessens after the initial treatment. At Alevia we listen to the patient and their body’s feedback to provide the most effective massage therapy treatment possible. Through massage therapy, and the integration of our services, we help our patients achieve their optimal health.

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Chiropractors in London, Ontario

Alevia Health and Wellness Centre in London, Ontario, provides chiropractic treatment of disorders of the neuromusculoskeletal system, and the associated symptoms these disorders can create.  A chiropractor is a complementary and alternative medicine health care professional, emphasizing manual, hands- on therapy.  Our chiropractors provide integrated, holistic therapies, with the highest regard for patient satisfaction- in a friendly, caring environment.

Doctors of Chiropractic Medicine are a primary contact health care profession who have extensive post-graduate training that includes rigorous clinical and practical training and National Board Examinations for licensure.  Chiropractors are required to maintain and update their knowledge on a yearly basis with ongoing continuing education classes and seminars.

Chiropractors at Alevia assess, diagnose, and treat, disorders related to the spine, nervous system, and joints. By manually treating areas of decreased movement in the joints, chiropractors help to restore optimal range of motion and posture, which enhances functionality of the joint complex and surrounding tissues.  This is achieved using various techniques and primarily joint manipulation, or an adjustment, is the main technique of this profession.  The therapy outcome results in reduced pain, increased joint/tissue range of motion and improved overall health.

There are many conditions that chiropractors treat, ranging from sports/work/motor vehicle injuries, to general body aches and pains. Chiropractors at Alevia treat all age ranges, and by integrating our health care services, can provide the right therapy for your physical health needs.

New Chiropractic Service Pages Added to the Alevia Chiropractic Website


(Mississauga, Burlington & London, Ont.:  01 December 2012)

Recently, the Alevia chiropractic website added new service pages, to allow their clients to easily find more information about the services that they provide. Chiropractic services are important for a lot of different reasons. Wellness Chiropractic services have become particularly popular. Getting help with problems you have throughout your body with chiropractic therapy is extremely important. Below, you’ll find more information about the service pages that were added to the Alevia site.

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Chiropractic and Pregnancy Care

Chiropractic services provide a wide range of benefits including spinal column alignment, disk related nerve adjustment, bone geometry alignment, and much more. All of this is accomplished without the use of medications or invasive surgery. Chiropractors go to school for an extended period of time to learn the science of adjusting joints throughout the body. While it sounds complex, it’s actually quite simple. An adjustment only takes a couple of minutes and it can provide miraculous results for people who have back pain and spinal column issues. Chiropractic services reduce spinal nerve stress and promote complete health throughout your body.

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How to Choose a Proper Pillow

Has this happened to you?

Woke up with sore neck and back?

You had to bend your pillow because it was so flat?

Your last pillow came from the bargain bin?

The job of a pillow is to support your head, neck and back. A better pillow can mean a better night’s sleep. A good pillow might last for years, while a less expensive pillow may need to be replaced sooner.

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